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Fighting an autoimmune disease without immunosuppressant?

Hey all!

I am currently in the military and had my yearly physical evaluation done. I just got hit with the "non-deployable" because of Crohns and the medicine i am taking to try and calm it.

I am still having difficulties about every 2 wks I will get some nice pain in the side for a few hours, nothing terrible but I definitely have to lay down for a bit. The military doesn't approve of my crohns being so active so that is one problem the next was them saying that Azathioprine is not an authorized drug nor is remicade because of what they do. They explained that if i were to get injured (shot/cut) over seas that i would be prone to infection so that also makes me non deployable.

My question is does anyone know if the Crohns has been controlled by anything besides an immunosuppressant? Right now all I am taking is 250mg of Azathioprine and a multi-vitamin.

Was taking Pentasa, but that wasn't doing anything. Steriods are not a long term solution so really no help there.

Thanks in Advance!
A few people here use Low Dose Naltrexone, which does not suppress the immune system, but boosts it to a degree.

It works for some Crohn's patients but not everyone. I have been using it, along with some other methods to control the disease. I am satisfied with the results, and am able to do anything any normal person can do.

There is more information at this site. www.lowdosenaltrexone.org

Good Luck, and thank your service to our country.