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Figuring out symptoms!

One of my main symptoms is bloating - I can eat a meal and feel full 2 or 3 days later so I obviously dont feel hungry! My toilet habits are all over the place as well - tend to be constipated when im bloated! But if I dont eat I feel sick, get headaches, am exhausted and can feel dizzy.

So im kinda stuck in a situation where i feel full and dont want to eat but if I dont eat I feel worse - so I have to eat, which then makes the bloating worse!!

Does anyone else feel like this?

Thanks for your help - im still trying to figure out which of my symptoms are actually related to my Crohn's!

Hey Vickie - I feel like this sometimes - very intermittently. There are threads on here about bloating, and wearing elastic waistbands, so I'm sure it is pretty common. The not eating sounds miserable and not good for you - but I understand the urge not to if it makes you feel bad as well. Maybe you should bring this up with your doctor? Maybe you have a narrowed area that stuff is having trouble getting through and this is causing the bloat?
Yeah my doctor said the bloating is probably due to the narrowing of my ileum and so food isnt passing through quickly enough! Im getting used to the bloating and the not feeling hungry - its more the feeling sick, dizzy, tired etc if I dont eat thats becoming an annoyance!

I eat regularly even though I dont want to because it stops the other symptoms - feel like my body is telling me 2 different things and its getting me down - eating makes me feel like crap but not eating does the same!

Waiting for my new medications (hospital are out of stock at the moment!) so perhaps they will help when I start them!

Well, if you have a narrowed area, and you are in the middle of feeling bloated - maybe low residue like Ensure, Boost etc would help you a lot. It should get absorbed further up in the small intestine leaving very little to try and get through that narrowed area. AND....you get nutrition that you need - so no dizzies. Also - this may sound silly - but I wouldn't chew gum or anything else that would promote you swallowing unneeded air - this can contribute to the bloat cuz it has to come out the other end usually :O)
I get bloating occasionally. As far as not eating when I was flaring I wouldn't eat because of the pain. I was starving to death because that felt better than eating. Literally looked like skin and bones.


Don't stop eating whatever you do. Peaches is right on with drinking nutritional drink like ensure or boost. I have taken maalox and gasx before. My dr says its fifty-fifty on who it helps some it does, some it doesn't. For me it seemed to make a little difference. It was small enough for me to continue to take them.

Please don't stop eating. I just wanted to reiterate that. Continue drinking lots of water too. Don't do the pop or soda.

Check your blood pressure too. If you are feeling dizzy. I was and my blood pressure was 60/ 0. That's from the dizziness.

Welcome to the group!
Are you on any meds at all?? I know when i was on Pred I got really bloated.. because Im so skinny I had this little pot belly on only being newly married everyone kept asking how far along I was!! Ha..ha.. should have seen their faces when I said I wasn't preggas... classic.

I do get bloated sometime too and it is so uncomfortable and does make you not want to eat but hang in there like the others said the nutritional drinks are really good to keep ya going.

Good luck and happy new year :)