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Filling defect on CT scan?

Has anyone had this diagnosis on a CT scan? What did it turn out to be? My most recent CT scan showed a filling defect in my bladder, which probably has nothing to do with crohn's, but I am wondering if it may be something else Crohn's related. i have a colonoscopy scheduled for Tuesday and my doctor is going to refer me to a urologist after that, but I have no bladder symptoms of any kind.


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Have you ever had a fistula? I don't know very much about it but I know sometimes there can be fistulas connecting your intestines to your bladder.
I am going to tag Jennifer here because I know she did a lot of research on bladder-related problems with Crohn's
Thanks afidz. Yes, I have had two previous fistulas. they were recto-vaginal. I had surgeries to close them from the inside and I was wondering if the old tracts might present themselves in this manner on the CT scan.


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You may need a Cystoscopy which a Urologist can perform. I've never actually had a fistula before but as to wondering if the old tracts may be visible in a CT scan, that I'm not sure so I'm going to tag some people in hopes that they may have an idea (Absentminded, xX_LittleMissValentine_Xx, DustyKat, PsychoJane, Pointy_ears). Here's some information on Filling defects in the bladder: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2537402/


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Hey Cookie,

It sounds as if you have rectal/lower colon disease, yes?

Are you being scoped because you are flaring?

If yes to both of those questions it may be that the swollen bowel is pressing against the vagina which in turn is pressing against the bladder which will cause a filling issue.

Dusty. xxx
Yes to both questions Dusty. Thanks for the input. Hoping it's something that simple. Guess I will just have to wait and see.


I'm not particularly familiar with the ct-scan results in themselves. I went on to see in publication and the list for filling defect is pretty vast from calculus to post-op trauma, passing by foreign body and, among them, possibility for infection/fistula/abscesses resulting from crohn disease as well.. Can't help much on this aspect unfortunately:(
Hi Cookie,

I thought I'd chime in on this as I've had some experience with fistulating Crohns disease.
Last year I had a flare that formed a fistula between my bladder and small bowl. The consultant who took chare of my case said these can show up on CT scans but it can take a good radiologist/consultant to identify them as the connections can be so small!

In my case they did an MRI to confirm my disease was active and they also did a csystoscopy and colonoscopy to confirm the MRI results. Another test they may consider would be a barium follow through (thankfully after the MRI they didn't want to do this one).

I would find it very strange if you had a fistula between your bowel and bladder and wern't experiencing any problems with you water works as my fistula gave me cronic UTI's every month for 6 months.

I think Dusty has provided you with the most likely scenario. It sounds to me like there is a high chance you may have an adhesion of the bowel to the bladder.

I think the most important thing to have done would be some scopes to see what's going on inside the bowel and the bladder to confirm the CT results.

The best advice I can give you is if you notice any burning sensation or bits of debris come out when you pee make sure you get antibiotics straight away and push to have any future test dates moved forward!