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Finally Diagnosed

hi i joined the forum last year..its taken a year for the hospital to diagnose me with crohns in the small bowel..the colonoscopy in june 2010 showed erythematous inflamed mucousa in terminal ileum,biopsies were inconclusive...then shortly after that i had an endoscopy which showed the same in the duodeum.(inflamed)
..had a follow thru x ray thingy too,which showed nothing..then ct scan which showed nothing,so they put me on meselzine and it definetly helped!!!..so they have finally decided it must be crohns..i had another ct scan today,as my right ileac fossa(which is what gi said) was tender and he wanted to check for strictures or fistulas.

i just wondered is anyone else on meselazine??...although the toilet trips are less and the pain is loads less...im still getting mouth ulcers and still really sleepy alot...surely if the medication is helping my crohns,it should help with the ulcers and tiredness??..dunno??

hello zoe,

like yourself I'm the new kid on the block here. Good that they have finally sorted out you're meds. meselazine i think is the same as pentasa which is a maintenance drug. One of the things thats very frustrating is that there seems to be different names for similiar drugs which adds to the confusion.


Hi, Mesalazine is a common treatment for us crohnies, but its only a very early maintenance drug. There are many forms of it as well....Asacol, Pentasa, etc.

There are many other drug combos in use today to help us out. I hope you get the help you need!


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Hi and welcome back!

I am on Lialda, which is a form of mesalazine. As Misty said, it is usually the first choice for treatment being that it has the least side effects. It is used for mild cases. Therefore, if you are still having symptoms, perhaps it isn't enough to do the job. You may need to add something else to get your Crohn's under control.