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Finally turned the corner

Today I finally feel like I turned the corner. No pain today, 1 bm and started prednisone taper also. Will have to see how the next few days/weeks go as I taper off and body does the healing work on its own.
day 2 a bit of pain, 2 bm so far 1 formed 1 not, a bit of stomach discomfort but all in all doing alright. Hope tomorrow is more like the first day. We will see,
Good morning. How is everyone doing? Hope you are all doing well. My taper off prednisone is going well. Bm are pretty normal, small bits of pain here and there. Hoping the body will kick in and do its own healing.
Yes westernbuddy the inflammation seems to be going away. Happy dance! No pain today at all. I am hoping for the same resUlysses once once prednisone. To just get better and better. My body loves me when I can stay home and cook my own meals.
You know its possible to do 40mg per day for 16 days then taper for stubborn inflammation.

Also entral nutrition boosts the power of the steroids even further.

I'd say adding 50% proper entral nutrition boosts the power of prednisolene by a good 50-60%
I had never heard of enteral nutrition I read about it here on the forum. I was looking up if there is an organic brand I could be using.
Good morning all. What a change for me today. Yesterday my prednisone was taperEd a bit more and I actually slept all night for the. first time in weeks. What a nice feeling. Everything else seems to be going well. Regular bm very little pain. Hope you are all doing well and have a good day.

my little penguin

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@Carabop kate farms has an organic peptide formula (not sure on adult nutrition) but it is complete nutrition for kids

Your GI can give you samples(lots of variety out there ) on what formula is best for your situation. They can place an order through your durable medical equipment supplier as infusion therapy supplies -insurance then typically covers the cost . They covered my kiddos for close to 10 years .

My kiddo used peptamen jr , neocate jr and now carnation instant breakfast shakes as supplemental nutrition.
He can’t use orgain due to tree nut and fish allergy -cross contamination with tree nuts on the lines
Hadn’t been feeling to well and in a lot of pain the last 3 days and was beginning to think I might have to call the doctor but today I feel better and back to no pain. I am trying to think of what I might have eaten that caused all this but I couldn’t pinpoint anything. Everything I have been eating hasn’t been an issue in the past. I am just glad it went away and didn’t have to get steroids upped while trying to get off them.
Well found out the pain I was having is from gastritis on medication for that now and feeling much better. A1c was up from the steroids on medication for 1 month to bring that down. All should be better soon and off all meds in a month. Although if stomach pains come back if I try go off that medication I will probably have to go back on it and stay on it. Will have to see what happens. Doctor said I looked good and crohn’s doing well.