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The new (and greatly improved) GI clinic was wonderful! Unlike the previous one a couple months ago to which I shall never return. Went once and never again. Friendly, efficient, no waiting for three hours, really good experience. The PA was super nice, engaging, knew his stuff. Was going to schedule me for a colonoscopy on Wednesday (day after tomorrow!) 😳 but that was just not enough time for me to mentally prepare myself, go get the prep solution and do the prep tomorrow night, etc... no way. Too spur of the moment. Insufficient notice. Just not ready for that quite yet. I have to slowly psych myself for this (literal) crap.. 🤣 ..allow myself some time. Had them schedule me for October 29th instead. Which is good, because my last one was only last November, so there’s no rush. So all in all, it went quite well. Yay! Very pleased. 👍🏻

Hopefully this time they won’t find any polyps. Last year it was a two cm. sessile polyp proximal colon right near the illeosecal juncture. My very first polyp found (back in 2006) was a mammoth precancerous six cm. sessile polyp in the upper rectum. Have had polyps every single scope for thirteen years now. Still in a flare, but we agreed to not intervene with medication at this time so any existing inflammation could be clearly visualized during the scope next month. Am curious to know if it’s still proctitis and UC, or if it’s Crohn’s. At least we’re moving forward now.