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Finaly my long story with much need advice at the end

Hi Pain in the Butt, that's quite a story, you have been through so much! The work decision is a hard one because if you feel well enough to work it is good for you to do so, mentally/emotionally etc, but that risk of losing the assistance is a hard one. You will make the right decision I am sure. Just bear in mind that Pred doesn't fix this disease and it can come right back once you taper off it. have they looked at any other Crohn's drugs for you?
Don't know yet doc. app. was for Feb. 24 now they changed it til March 10. I have a lot of questions writen down for him and than hopefully I get more answers. By the way I'm haveing more control and way less pain. and some normal bm. finally. Ill just have to see how it goes i guess. Glad I can finally open up threads :)
Glad to hear that your pain has settled a bit, and you'er having better bowel control. I don't really have any advice on which medications are best, as i'm still waiting for diagnosis and treatment myself, but i just wanted to say good luck. As Shaz said, i'm sure you will make the right decision, try not to stress too much as stress is really hard on the guts. :)


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:welcome: That is quite an adventure you have been on......(I pretend it's an adventure, so it doesn't seem so bad sometimes)....I hope you get some good answers from the GI. I hate when they have to change appointments. If things start getting worse make sure you call them and let them know. Good luck
I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been through - but you sound like a very strong person and I think that's evident with your 5yr anniversary coming up! About the job - I was wondering if perhaps you could put an ad out for a part time nanny position...a lot of "babysitting" jobs are untaxed or you won't make quite enough to file (therefore sort of "off the books"). These types of jobs can also be quite flexible depending on the family, perhaps allowing you to take time off due to illness.