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Financial support when off work sick


I have had to take 4 days off work in the past week because of a flare up. I cant expect my employer to pay me full pay and they are very supportive of my recent health issues. Myself and my wife both work, but would i be able to get financial help for the wages i lose when having a flare up? Obviously money worries can cause problems with Crohns which is what i dont want.

Any help appreciated.


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New York, USA
First off - what country do you live in? Rules and laws are different for different locations....here in NY, through my employer I receive a certain number of sick days (broken down into hours) that I can take off with full pay...plus I can bank that time to use later on, and/or use the balance when I retire to help offset my health insurance costs.

You can look into part time disability coverage, there are some insurance companies here in the US such as AFLAC and Combined which have policies that may cover illness...but I do know there is usually a waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

I'm sure others will chime in..
If you are in the UK then you might get statutory sick pay, it’s not a huge amount and you have to be earning a certain amount over certain length of time to be eligible. The gov website sets it all out.

Lynda Lynda

I hate to be the bummer in this conversation, but I was sick for years while working and although the recession 15 years ago put an end to my job, I applied for SSD and started collecting benefits 10 years ago. My trips to the bathroom and the fatigue was just too much for me to work any longer.

God Bless