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Finger thin poop

I have been having that ole right side pain in my lower, abdomen. Along with being very fatigued and actually running a low grade fever for the past couple of weeks. Not to mention index finger thin pooh...

So, my doc is hesitant and doesnt want to run another CT scan because they have put enough radiation in me the past year that I could power a small town. But she gives and and says "Well, you have never cried wolf before, I am ordering one stat". She is off today but says she will review the results from home and give me a call.

10:00 at night, the phone rings. "I know your not going to want to hear this but". She tells me that I have absolutley no immflamation what so ever. She said that this was the best CT scan that I have ever had since I became a patient of hers. No signs of any infection with all the bloodwork either. I tell her that cant be. I ran fever all night long and was on the verge of vomiting, with a spliting headache.

The only thing she can think of is that it is the Imuran she started me on a month ago. She says some folks don't react well to it and if it continues through the weekend, she will take me off and just leave me on the Remicade.

I am still sitting here in shock. Finger thin poop? She says that it just may be due to my resection I had over year ago. But all of the sudden with the pain, and fever? I am glad that she found no imflammation or infection for sure. Still going to do a colonoscopie next week. I thought the CT scan was tops for finding a flare or infection.

Oh well. Good news I guess. Maybe it is just the medicine. Hope anyway. As I sit here scratching my head about to go eat my first solids in a week. Got so bad I went all liquid...


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Maybe the scope will find something. I can't imagine the medication changing the shape of your poo. If you actually start vomiting then a hospital visit may be in order. I hope you don't though and I hope you get some answers from the scope.


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Hmmm...........after Roo's experience I will always be wary of test results that don't match symptoms. In Roo's case her CT scan with both IV contrast and barium came back grossly normal as did her bloods, including ESR and CRP and that was a week out from emergency surgery for what turned out to be a perforated and infarcted bowel. I'm in no way saying that your results aren't right but just be a little cautious of those that don't match what you are feeling. I hope the scope gives you answers you need, if not continue to push the docs.

Take care, :)
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Same here. I hope they are right. I will feel more comfortable after the colon check next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I hope things are right with you tpd in the scope that would be great. Good info dusty...i will have to keep that in mind as i have always relied on those test results and so do the docs.
I also had clear CT's and bloodwork a week before I was diagnosed with Crohn's. Good luck with your scope. :)

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A small bowel follow thru will detect narrowing, that could be scaring which may not be caught on a CT scan. Trust me not all test are accurate or founded in Crohns. Very tricky disease. Ask your doc about that one. Hope you get answers soon.