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Firefly treatment?

Hello. My daughter’s mom-in-law has had gut issues for going on 2 yrs. She has yet to be diagnosed with anything. Her main issues are exhaustion & nausea. Question: does pain always accompany crohns? She is not in pain. She recently had whatever is called a Firefly treatment. It’s purpose was to eliminate what she calls ‘bugs’ in her gut. The results showed that quite a few bugs had been eliminated & she does feel better. She’s also doing a FOODMAP diet. Does any of this fit crohns? Has anyone heard of a Firefly treatment? Thank you


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Pain is a common symptom of Crohn's disease, but it is by no means universal. In fact , since Crohn's is such a variable disease, I don't think there is any symptom that every Crohn's patient gets.

Firefly treatment is a fringe or "alternative" medical treatment where pain and inflammation are supposedly reduced by shining light of various wavelengths on the affected area. To the best of my knowledge it is not scientifically proven, and I doubt that many, or even any, legitimate gastroenterologists use or promote it for treatment of Crohn's disease.

If firefly therapy provides your daughter's mother-in-law some relief from her Crohn's, I say great. I don't begrudge any Crohn's sufferer relief from their disease no matter where they find it. But I strongly urge that she also keep up with more conventional therapies prescribed by a real gastroenterologist. As long as they are not dangerous, fringe therapies are fine in addition to conventional therapy, but they should not be used in place of real therapy.
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You can have crohns and not feel anything
Upper/lower endoscopy (scope ) are required woth biopsies plus MRE /cte and capsule endoscopy to diagnose Crohn’s disease