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First flare since surgery

Hello everyone. Im pretty new to Crohns. Im looking forward to receiving some advice from people that have some experience with this disease...
I had bowel resection surgery 10 months ago. I've been in remission ever since, taking 175mg of Imuran. I've been feeling great until yesterday I started to feel like I did before surgery! I guess Im in a flare, but so soon?! My question is could I already be immune to the Imuran?? Or is it "normal" to go in and out of remission so fast..
Hi NikiB im only new to this forum aswell but i had a similiar operation around 14 months ago and since the operation ive been in good health! around 6 months ago i was put back on imuran 50mg to start back again but soon after i felt tired and started getting stomach pains again, when i told my doctor he took me off the imuran to see how things went and ive felt better so you should consult your doctor about your problems to see what he/she says! if the pains persist that is
I was put on Imuran one month after surgery. Because my Crohn's progressed so quickly after I was diagnosed my Dr didn't want to take a chance. Ive been on imuran for 9 months and besides a bit of nausea Ive felt no side effects so far...i will definetly consult my Dr. about this. thanx for the reply.