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First holiday abroad with Crohns

Any tips or pointers you can give me? I'm going to Sorrento, Italy so nowhere too obscure.

I have crohns, I control it with diet and the odd painkiller. Nothing else right now

It would be nice to have a few alcoholic drinks on holiday, I haven't really drank more than the occasional glass of white wine since my diagnosis in January
Just to say, the holiday went really well. Italy seems very big on gluten free products and everything is cooked with olive oil no cheap vegetable oils. I ate like a king with only minor irritation when I had a few cheeky cocktails

A country I would definitely recommend to Crohns sufferers looking to holiday and not worry about food

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Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable time!!! Did you take many pictures? I am sorrry to have just seen this thread, but thankful to hear that you did well without much advice!!! :hug: