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First Humira doses today!

I'm waiting for the Humira Nurse Ambassador to arrive. My bowel is working overtime with anxiety....ugh. Just want this day over with.
Wish me luck!
Thank you Scipio, I'm glad that's over with!
Unfortunately I had the regular Humira, not Citrate free....it burned really bad x 4 pens.
I just called the pharmacy and made sure the maintenance doses are Citrate free which apparently they are so that's a relief. I still have to use the other 2 regular pens in 2 weeks.
Hi Rose, glad it all went well for you. My 13 year old daughter is on Humira, she has fortnightly injections that she does herself. The injection has never stung and doesn't bother my daughter at all. She has been on humira for 14 months now. She has no side effects what so ever and more or less went straight into remission. She has remained that way since. I really hope Humira has the same effect on you too.

my little penguin

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Lizzyg the citrate free version of humira (non burning kind ) has been available in Europe Australia etc for a while
In the US they only offered it to kids at first and now are slowly working through the extra humira that still has citrate before giving out the non burning version
When Ds was in it there was only the citrate version which stung
Lizzy, so good to hear that your daughter is doing so well on Humira and that she has the citrate fee version! I am glad I can get the non-burning one soon...phew, I would dread that every 2 weeks.