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First Remicade Infusion Today

After being on Humira for the past year, I was switched to Remicade and 50mg of Imuran a day. Had my first infusion this morning. This afternoon, I am wiped. No energy whatsoever to go along with an upset stomach (which is nothing new I guess). So, is the tired feeling a result of the Remicade or do you think it is the Imuran?
:goodluck::getwell::goodluck::getwell:Welcome tpd. I assume you switched to Remicade becuase the Humira wasn't working? I'm on Humira and it doesn't work as well as it use to. Does the Remicade cause you to feel this tired? I see your a fellow Texan, nice to have another Texan on here. I wish the best for you and hope the remicade works better. Let us know your progress, and hope you hang around.:ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug::ghug:
I had my first remicade treatment today too!!
I came home completely warn out and with a nausious feeling as well. The doctor warned me that it might last for a couple days-headache as well.

We shall see! I hope you feel better!
Did they give you any pre meds before the Remicade. They always gave me a high dose of benedryl and I would sleep during it and when I got home after feeling wiped out and worn out.
Yeah, I got a couple of Tylenol and the Benedryl also, thirty minutes before I got the good stuff. Im hoping its just going to last a day or two. Still trying to find a time to slip that Imuran pill in. Cant figure out if it makes me tired, loopy, anxious, or what. Have never been on that either. And yes, I was taken off the Humira because it just wasnt doing the job. But it was nice though to just wake up on Saturday and poke urself in the belly and carry on... Thanks for the replies.
I took remicade for a long time. Well, about 5 years. The day I would get the infusion I would feel really tired and sleep for that day and pretty much the next day. But the 3rd day I would usually start to feel better. Sometimes I even saw that I had regular, formed bowel movements after the 3rd of 4th day! If I were you, I'd take the Imuran at night before bed. It made me feel really sick to my stomach and kind of shaky. If you take it before bed hopefully you'll sleep through any time that you may feel bad with it.

Good luck to you! I hope the remi works well for you!
Well, last night was interesting. After getting the infusion, I was in the bathroom for much of the evening. Went to bed with pain all up and down my right side and now this morning I have blood in my stool. This is all different because I have never had blood or very much d. I always have had constipation. Hmmm...

My Butt Hurts

I'm pretty sure it was the Benadryl that wiped you out. I had benadryl at my first Remi appointment and was the exact same way. Since then I have been taking non-drowsy Claritin (with my doc's permission) and have had no problems.
Congrats on your first infusion - I hope they work wonders for you!