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First Remicade Infusion tomorrow...

Hi gang. Having my first Remicade infusion tomorrow and don’t know what to expect!
Any insight , suggestions etc are appreciated!

I’ve had Crohns for 20 hrs now and have managed well for last 10 yrs on methotrexate. In last year have developed rheumatoid arthritis and going to Remicade (with methotrexate) now for some relief.
Ok, first, make sure you drink plenty of water and be hydrated before your infusion as this will make it easier to get the IV into your vein.

You will check in and they will get you situated. They will pre-medicate with benadyral and tylenol to prevent reactions to the medication

During the infusion, they will run the IV slowly, then will gradually become faster. They will also check your vitals every 15-30 minutes. Since this is your first infusion, this might be more frequent.

Once the infusion is over, they leave the IV in for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, they then check your vitals again and take the IV out. Once they do all this, you are good to go home.

The entire process will probably take ups to 3 hours. Your first infusion always takes the longest. After you have several infusions it will probably take only 2 hours.


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Depending on the doctors' orders - you may have received instructions to take meds yourself prior to the infusion. It is pretty routine to have pre-meds to help avoid a reaction. Don't be afraid to ask what is being done, what is going on etc.

My infusion instructions are to infuse over 2 hours - so, with getting there, set up, pre-meds (I get mine there via IV) etc I'm usually out of there within 3 hours - this is after 10+ years and going through multiple nurses, infusion locations etc.....seems like every time I go (every 8 weeks) there is someone new that I need to 'educate' lol.