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First Remicade Update

Hi All - I had my first Remicade treatment yesterday.
Other then having to sit there for 3 hours it was a painless experience
I was feeling pretty crappy on Wed & actually feel quite a bit better. Not sure if its the remicade thats making me feel better since it is supposed to take a lot longer to work!!!
next treatment is in 2 weeks - hopefully everything continues to improve!!


Yes, ditto. Hope it works for you and continues working for you!
I hope it works for you. Remicade side effects vary a lot between individuals. It sounds like you had minimal or none, which is great. :)
Remicade works pretty instantaneously for me too. I'm exhausted after the infusion, but I feel so much better the next day! Good luck with the rest of your infusions!
Thanks! - I dont think i had any side effects - at least nothing i can attribute driectly to the remicade
& im still feeling great!!
i had a great labor day weekend & was able to eat all the fun stuff i have been afraid of in the past!