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First scope/polyps found/could this be cancer?

Hi everyone! I just had my first scope last week. The reason it took so long for me to get it done was because my original doctor kept telling me to wait until my flare was over to do it, then he just dropped off the face of the earth and I had to find a new doctor. Luckily my GP prescribed me steroids in the mean time, I take a small dose, 5mg, but without it I'm in so much pain I can't function or go to work. I woke up from my scope screaming and crying and overwhelmed with anxiety. I don't know why. They told me my intestines were so narrow they had to use a pediatric hose and could barely navigate that through. They found several large polyps at my cecum. I don't know why he didn't remove them. They were the type that are imbedded in the intestine. Everything I've been reading since then and all my symptoms are pointing to cancer, even though several doctors have told me I have crohns. Now I'm anxiously waiting the results of my biopsy. The doctor said he would call me, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm in so much fear and stress that it might be cancer. Has anyone else had a lot of polyps in the cecum? Has anyone had them develop into cancer?
Well, I heard back, he said No cancerous cells. He said it is crohns and wants me to get off the steroid and try something different. I guess I will do some research, but I'm only on 5mg and have very few side effects. I don't see why I should switch meds when the side effects of the other ones seem so much worse.
Very glad to hear it's not cancer! Does the 5mg of pred keep you entirely well? Even if you are in symptomatic remission it is really important to try to reach biochemical and endoscopic remission too so perhaps for that reason another treatment is needed.

I believe even low dose steroids can cause damage when taken long term. Perhaps someone else has some more info on that.

Hope you find the right treatment(s) for you!
Yes, 5mg and I am good, just occasional lower right quadrant pain. If I eat something really high in fiber or fatty, I get sick. I also deal with migranes, nausea, and a cilantro/corriander allergy, but that was typical before I knew I had crohns. I hope I find the right thing, too, but I can't seem to find any medications with side effects better than the steroid.
I really want to try enteral nutrition because I am close to becoming a registered dietitian and support nutritional therapy for so many diseases, I just hope I can get it covered by my insurance, vital AF is the formula we use at the hospital for gi imflammation, I really want to try that.