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First Seton

I’m a 35 year old male. Haven’t been diagnosed with crohn’s but definitely some serious IBS. I started about a year ago with a chronic fissure which then devolved into an abscess about a month ago. My surgeon did a D&C in office. Four days later I found my self in the emergency room in sever pain. Exam under anesthesia revealed a fistula. A loose seton was put in place two weeks ago. Does anybody have any tips for getting through this constant burning and pressure from it. Some days I think I’m doing good then a bowel movement seams to set me back to ground zero. Baths help some along with pain meds. I am also loaded up on fiber, probiotics and stool softeners. It seams like loose bowels are what hurt the most, then I will have leakage of stool from the fistula for hours. Any advice or tips? Tell me this gets better soon or will it be like this for the remainder of having this thing?

Lynda Lynda

I'm surprised no one has answered your question yet. Did you also post this under another thread here ?
I had an anal fistulectomy in 1992 but it was basically a lot of cutting, sewing up, then sitz baths. No setons back then apparently. My surgery left me with a lot of scar tissue.