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First shot today...nausea?!?

I just did my first injection of methotrexate today. I am a little nervous about the possible nausea. For those of you who experienced this, how soon after the injection did it start? I am wondering when I might be past the danger zone.

I have zofran on hand if need be, but am hoping I'll be okay.



I can't speak for myself, but my grandmother takes methotrexate and generally always experiences some form of stomach upset/nausea on the day she injects with it. It seems like that's a really common response to it... so if it doesn't discontinue with future injections, maybe consider talking about it with your GI, or finding something to prevent the nausea that you can take with it? (Also would be valuable to ask your GI about.) Otherwise, if you don't experience it: I'm glad to hear it!
It seems as though I didn't have any nausea. I am thinking I should be way past any danger zone as today I felt fine. The one thing that is bothersome is that the injection site is really painful. It's not red or swollen, just painful. Whenever is lean on it wrong or even just sitting. I don't know if it is normal, but I'll take it if that's the worst of it!


When I inject (for Humira, though) I find it hurts for a day or two. Maybe take some ice to it to initially dull the pain? I've done that when I've gotten reactions from the injection site. Otherwise it should fade soon. :)
Just did injection #2, never had nausea from the first. I am hoping for the same for this one. I hope it isn't painful tomorrow, but compared to what others have experienced I'll take the pain. Thanks again everyone.
Have been injecting Methotrexate for 2 years now. Haven't had any issues with nausea ever. I only get a headache on the day of injection (I don't take my folic acid on that day). Dr says that's normal and the folic acid is the thing that keeps the headaches away.
I get nausea almost immediately and lasts for 36-48 hours along with really bad headaches. So glad your injections are going so well. We do mine right at bedtime so as to keep nausea at bay.
Gi switched me to oral mtx 25 mg 3 weeks ago & it doesn't seem to be working as well as the injections

I take it @ bed time with a few saltines & still no nausea
Droopy Drawers, I'm also using mtx injections and I wonder, what are the differences between injectable and oral mtx? What changed?


I pop a Zofran half hour before and am ok the day of but generally feel a bit nauseas day after and periodically throughout week.
Droopy Drawers, I'm also using mtx injections and I wonder, what are the differences between injectable and oral mtx? What changed?
Gastro said injection works faster & causes less hair loss

She also won't give more than 4 injections
She told me to double my Folic acid to 2 mg daily & see how it goes

See my rheumy Friday & asking for her input too
Droopy Drawers did your doctor give a reason at all on why you were switched? Is this a normal progression of this medicine?

I asked the Nurse who gives me the shots & the PA why they only give 4 injections & they both said that's the protocol my Gastro uses

I had no injection site pain or tenderness
I got mine in in the upper arm muscle & never even felt it as my Nurse is smooth as a baby's backside with injections
She also does my b12shots

When I saw the PA 2 weeks ago, I told her the oral wasn't taking the edge off the way the injections were & I noticed more hair in my brush

So, she boosted my oral dose to 25 mg & increased my Folic acid to 2 mg per day to see how it goes

Then she dropped the bomb & said she suspects I have yet another auto immune disorder too ( lupus :eek2: ) & told me to see the Rheumy ASAP

I just had a 3 hour exam by 3 Rheumatologists 13 months ago & they said I don't have it
Auto immune runs riot in my Family, but as far as I know, I'm the first with Crohns :poo:

None of this is new for me, they haven't been able to properly diagnose me since my teens & I'm now 64

It's been one hell of a ride
Saw the Rheumy today & she said all this miserable joint pain is from Crohns

I asked about pills vs injections & told her injections gave me better joint pain relief
She said more than 6 2.5 mg tabs aren't absorbed by the gut
She rang my Gastro while I was there & they are putting me back on weekly injections to see if my pain improves

If not, Humira is the next thing for me

Are you getting any relief, CrohnsMom?
Droopy Drawers I hope that the injections work well for you again. It is stressful changing drugs and then wondering if the next one will work or what side effects might come with it.

Regarding if it's working, I am not sure. I had surgery on early December where they took out all the diseased area. So, I was starting methotrexate as a maintenance therapy instead of trying to get me in remission. It is really my last resort as I have tried all of the other med's and either they do not work or I have nasty side effects. So I am crossing my fingers that this works. Although, today (I do my shot Friday night) I feel like I have been hit by a bus. It was a bit like this the first two injections, but it seems to be getting worse. I feel like I have the flu with body aches and super tired. At least I see my gastro on Wednesday so I may discuss reducing the dose especially since it is maintenance therapy. But, who knows maybe I will just have to deal with this.

I hope all goes well with you, although humira has worked great for a number of people. So, not a bad alternative. Let me know how things go.
Getting injection #6 tomorrow & it seems to have stopped giving me relief

See both the Gastro & Rheumy next month
They will have a discussion on what to try next
Droopy Drawers I am sorry. I feel your pain with that. It is so trying physically and emotionally when medications go wrong/stop working.

Do you know what they might recommend? Or have you been through a lot of medications already? I will be praying that your new medication will work for you and will have little to no side effects for you.

I am not sure how metho is really working for me at this point either. I have no pain, but my stools are getting looser even with my Questran. I am awaiting blood test results from Monday to check on things and will discuss it with my doctor then.

Keep me posted.