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First surgeries

first surgeries

i've noticed a few members have upcoming operations, and are understandably nervous. I had my resection nov 09 after decades of discomfort, and i gotta say i was looking forward to a reprieve from the pain! after the operation (had an epidural) no pain for the week in hospital...they know what theyre doing. the entire staff were amazing. i had no one to come visit (caught a bus home) but by the end of the week, you know the nurses and docs pretty well. the main thing is to go into the process with a positive attitude. cheers
Hi Simon and welcome to the forum.

I have UC and have got to the point now where I need surgery.

I was dreading having to make the decision but when it came down to it I would have been more upset if they had said to try another med first.

Now the decision is made its like a weight has been lifted and i can concentrate on getting my strength up.

Thanks for your positive post and look forward to 'seeing, you around the forum.'Xxxxxxx

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:welcome: Simon! NO ONE came to visit?? No family? Partner? Whoa, you have an amazing attitude, you are so welcomed here!

My first resection I think i had an epidural but it didnt work but my first resection gave me 7 years of bliss, but ignored the fact I was not cured and so much stress in my life.

Are you on any maintenance drugs? How is the D? Hope to see you around!
to shazz and pen

first to Shazz..hey U.K , I'm an ex pat from the Channel islands(Jersey) moved to Canada in '74. miss it lots , but i do love where I'm at now. Although we're just ending a cold snap of -35 celsius. and Pen, I do have family , but my parents winter in Arizona, and to be honest, I'm a bit of a solitary sole anyway. I have a great specialist here in Calgary, and am currently taking humira and imuran, and also cholestyramine . You say i have a pos attitude and i certainly have my days when think why me..then i bump into someone just diagnosed or living with something much more devistating, and i think ..hey i dont have it so bad. cheers


Hi Simon and welcome to the forum :bigwave: I really like that your first post was already support for others, you will fit in very well here :) How are you doing now symptoms wise, are your meds doing a good job or is there room for improvement?
thanks to all for the support.

thanks angrybird,its kinda weird to belong to a group like this where people actually do know what i've gone/am going through. the more i talk to people in my daily routine about ibd, the more i realize that lots of them know someone or a friend of a friend etc. who has it. i think because its a below the waist problem it seems to be a bit taboo to talk about. so whenever i can i like to educate those unfamiliar. had a colonoscopy in december and my doc told me everything looks good inside. bit of diverticulosis, and a sessile polyp had to be removed . so the meds seem to be working. i'm always a bit nervous about what they are doing on my liver..but what are you gona do!!? cheers


Glad things are looking good :) I agree it does seem to be that issues with the bum are not to be talked about, I had never heard of crohns until I was diagnosed with it and then all of a sudden 'it' was everywhere! This forum has really opened a new world for me with the complete understanding everyone has. Meds are definetly an issue, it is so frustrating that whilst they can (hopefully) make one thing better they can potentially bring a new host of other issues, you just can't win!