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First surgery panic

Im Panicking slightly. My son 25, (13 years with Crohns) having resection. They said about 12” removed of small intestine that includes terminal Ileum and valve in colon. Will he be in the bathroom more now without that valve ? Not sure that is improving things. I’ve read ways around the b12 and iron absorption. Hoping this isn’t the beginning of all new complications. Thank you


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I myself have so far swerved surgery but there are many on the forum who've had it and from what I understand most are glad they did.I'm sure someone will reply to you very soon to put your mind at rest.
I had resection surgery in June 2020. Had a bit more removed than your son will have and had my valve and some if not most of my TI removed. Only had bathroom issues for a few weeks after surgery and since then, no real issues except for the occasional wierd movement just like anyone else would have. Have been doing really well since surgery and hope the same for your son. I do make sure that the B12 supplement I take is one that dissolves under the tongue rather than one that has to go through the digestive system. Hope this helps!


My daughter the same age had similar surgery in May of last year. 60 cm small and 10 large bowel removed. The surgery put her into clinical remission. She takes a fibre supplement everyday.

She seems very well.