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First time home infusion

Hi guys,

My husband has been on remicade for more than 3 yrs now and this is the first time he is going to have it administered at home. Any advice for me? I think the medicine will arrive tomorrow, any ideas on what to expect?

Unpack the meds and place in the refrigerator. I keep the kitchen table cleared for the nurse to mix the IV. Right before she comes I take the tylenol and benedryl- so when he/she arrives I am ready to go. I get infused in the living room. I use the recliner ( I fall asleep soon after it starts) The home infusion co. has left an IV pole here and the med kit has a pump and all supplies needed. Really not a big deal at all. I have different nurses and all are very nice. Some are repeaters- depends on availability. good luck. PS. I have cats and I make sure the home infuse co. makes sure no nurse has allergies or pet problems- no one ever has- they seem to like them but better to let them know. One nurse did mention she doesn't go to houses with large dogs unless they are outside. Good luck- PS check with your insurance- mine rebates me for saving them the higher cost of a hospital or office visit. $ 500 each infusion really is nice.
Thank you so much Dyana. I will also make sure to check with my insurance. Do you take benadryl orally? He takes Tylenol orally and benadryl through IV. The nurse mentioned today that the pharmacy would be mixing the remicade, I will call them and check tomorrow about it
Thank you. He didn't have his infusion last weekend due to last minute insurance issues. Hopefully he should get it this weekend