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First time in reimission

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and having a great start to the new year. As I mentioned in my previous post- TPN for 2 months, starting feeds soon. Well just last week I got a call from my GI and he said to begin drinking modulen- 100mls per day to see how it goes. I've now increased the amounts I am drinking and I feel so good with no symptoms at all - I am still talking azathioprine and inflixamab but feel as though this is my first reimission since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. The only thing is I'm not eating any foods at all only on TPN and drinking modulen.

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Glad your in a better place with your crohns.☺ Are you able to maintain weight with the liquid diet ? Have you asked when you may be able to start re trying solid food?. Best wishes 💕
Congrats on making it this far. It is a fantastic feeling to actually feel good and capable again. Keep following your doc's advice. That combination of meds you mentioned is what finally got me to remission.
Hello all! Thanks for the comments. Ronroush7 the doc gave me 6 months in total but today I have completed exactly half the time- the TPN is still going on however due to it I have put on 10kg and that's real good for me. Not too sure about solid foods yet but the GI has instructed me to increase the modulen intake weekly and I'll talk to him about it on my next appointment in February. Yeah I think both the mess work great