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First time MRI for D10 - advice?

Her GI wants to get an MRI of her small intestines done since she keeps on flaring with ongoing fevers. She's never had one before so we don't know what to expect. Is it bad? She always throws up the prep for colonoscopies but I'm hoping that this isn't as difficult.

Humira doesn't seem to be working for her. Or not working well enough. And because of her fever she's now 5 days late for her shot. I feel like we are on a vicious cycle and not getting on top of the Crohn's. She just finished a month on prednisone, and now we are right back where we were. So frustrating and worrying.
The prep is like a thickish drink, they let our kids choose a flavor to add to it. It is definitely not a loved beverage but so far, we have not had vomiting. Although the kids can manage scope prep....

Can you get a bribe ready? That might help?

My daughter says it's better than barium (used in small bowel follow through xray).
Preps used to be pretty awful, but they have started to add flavors to them nowadays and I personally don't find them to be a problem. You can always use a straw.

The MRI itself involves a small shot in the arm consisting of buscopan to relax the muscles to get more clear images. A pair of headphones to dampen the noise, and they will tell her to breathe in and out a few times. About a 10 to 20 minute procedure.

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Depends where you get it done
In the US most use Breeza

More like sprite
Not too bad per Lp
Used to be thick white chalky drink they added sugar free koolaid packets too -yuck

you drink 3 bottle over an hour
Wait a bit 30 minutes then scan for about an hour

galuldium can make them nausea /puke in the iv
As well as the glycogen by iv

good luck

has she had genetic testing ?
Auto inflammatory diseases can mimic crohns abd cause re occurring fevers


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Not to scare you but both of my girls did fine with prep but got sick with the MRE drink. However, they were both pretty sick with Crohn's at the time so that probably had a lot to do with it.

Bring a change of clothes for her and you just in case. Even if they vomit, they might still be able to do the imaging so don't get her or yourself too stressed about that.

Not eating anything for about 4 hours prior seems to help a lot of kids. This way the stomach is empty and can handle the additional input.

Just keep drinking and try to stay on the time schedule.

Worst case, I have heard that some kids were able to have the drink put through an NG tube. We asked at our hospital and they said they had never heard of that. I was surprised.

Good luck.
Thank you all. The MRI seemed to all go fine. She only managed to drink one bottle of the prep (they ideally wanted her to drink 1 bottle and 1/3), but they did it anyway. She didn't mind the taste at all so she was relieved. I should get the results on Monday and I'm hoping they will give us more insight into what is going on.

(She hasn't had genetic testing. Will look into that.)