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First time on Entocort - will it Help Fatigue?

Good Day All,

I have been prescribed Entocort, I have never taken any medications for my disease other than Low Dose Naltrexone.

I will be starting it tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone could share a bit about using Entocort for the first time.

Specifically, I am wondering if it will help with the 24/7 constant fatigue I experience.

Anyways, all the best to you all, Cheers
Yes, those areas are covered.

I am just interested in the effects of Entocort since I have never taken it, and interested if it has helped anyone with fatigue.

I did post in the proper section correct?
I just googled Entocort. It says unusual tiredness or weakness is one of the possible side effects. You are in the right section.
I've been on entocort for years. I believe it did help my fatigue, just because it's helped control symptoms. I believe my body was working so hard fighting the symptoms that I was always fatigued. Once symptoms were a little better controlled, I had more energy.
Good luck to you and keep us posted.
I've been on Entocort for a few months (for the first time) and am tapering off now. Some days I've felt drained and exhausted but mostly it's given me huge amounts of energy, wanting to be active all the time. Unfortunately I've not been able to sleep much due to my mind racing and was only getting about three or four hours a night, but was still getting up and raring to go! Now I'm down to 3 mg these effects are wearing off but my gut is beginning to be very troublesome once more.
I didn't have any fatigue problems due to Entocort(I have been on and off it a number of times). The times I have fatigue is when my Crohn's is active; when it is under control the fatigue goes away. Entocort would help me through my flares but I don't think it ever put me in remission.