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Hello all, I am the mother-in-law of the most wonderful young woman. She is one of the most loving and caring people I've ever known. I see her positive influence in the lives of her children(my grandsons) and my son. She is my heart of hearts. She also has been recently diagnosed with Crohn's and is eight days post op. She had a resection on July 26th, is still in the hospital and in so much pain.
I guess I am asking if anyone can tell me how I can help support her.
What a lovely thing to say about your daughter-in-law. I think she must already feel a tremendous amount of support just by the fact that you hold her so dear in your heart. I have yet to be in the caretaker role, as my husband is not having surgery until the 30th, but I would feel comforted just knowing you care enough to want to help.

There is a great section in Support designed specifically for caregivers/family members/friends of those with IBD.
Perhaps you will find some good info there.
Hopefully others will be by shortly to offer suggestions.

My best to her for a speedy recovery!
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