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First time post

:ymad: Glad I found this site but it just deleted everything I had typed when I went to do a spell check blah.

Since I don't feel like typing it all out again cliff notes.

Last year of college 06/07 had frequent loose stools doctors didn't seem to care.

Fall of 07 I was in the hospital twice. First time found out I was anemic they thought it was OK for 23 year old male and sent me on my way. Month later back in the ER barley responding/ passed out. Received a ton of test, spinal tap, blood transfusion and left with a GI doctor 4 days later.

Fall of 08 had a colonoscopy and endoscope and berium x-rays to confirm crohns. soon after started 12 asacol and 3 entecort a day plus iron. Spring 09 taper off of entecort.

Fast forward to now still 12 asacol and 3 entecort along with iron twice a day. Still anemic down 20 pounds my current weight is 120 pounds an all time low. Best of all just found out in eight months I used all of my prescription money in my crappy insurance plan this year. My goals try and gain weight and become nourished again and live of sample meds till January.

End of rant/ But I'm glad I found such a great site and cant wait to be able to contribute and share.:sign0144:


Punctuation Impaired
Welcome!! Its amazing how expensive Asacol and Entacort are!! They are on the "higher level" on my HMO so my co-pay was $50 for each! I saw on the news that most drug companies have hardship benefits for people in your situation. They said your local pharmacy will have info on how to apply?? Might be worth looking into.
Thanks for the info I will have to look into that. When I was able to use my insurance it was $45 for each but if you go to asacols website you can print out a $25 discount card that is good for six months.
I'm new here too. Meds sure are expensive, I'm in Australia though so I think we get a better deal because we have a good National Health Service. Goodness knows what I'd do if I had to pay full price. I've got high cholesterol as well so it gets pretty expensive

Hope you manage to get your meds cheap or free for the rest of the year
Yeah to whole capping thing isnt very well thought out like Shantel had said. But the way I have been feeling now for more then a week isnt good. I think I need some new drugs because they just aren't cutting it anymore even with hyomax-sl when the pain is real bad. Good news is a left a message for them to call me in the AM because I just cant take it anymore.

Worst part... my job has taken away very important responsibility from me because my work performance is to unpredictable depending on how I feel that day. But the upside is they want to work with me and do anything they can to help me get better so...
Welcome to you. Thank god I live in the UK, with our NHS, we get our meds cheep or free depends on your income. I to take a lot of meds, including heart tabs, pain relief, clesteral, So I would be in queer street without there help. Good luck, stay well. Peggy
hi Skinny Dub, welcome to the forum. like Peggy, i'm also in the UK and it's so alien to me to imagine that we couldn't get drugs or treatment that we need because of money. it's an awful situation, and in this day & age it shouldn't be this way!

regarding your work cutting out some of your responsibilites, that might be a good thing.. stress definitely makes Crohn's/IBD worse, and the pressure you may have felt trying to keep up to standards might have been making the symptoms exacerbate. hopefully you can relax a bit now.. and i hope you find a way to get the meds you need!