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Fistula caused by ?

Not much activity on this forum but I’ll go ahead and post a question and hope for a reply.

I have been diagnosed with Indeterminate Colitis for years now and no treatment but steroids has given me much if any remission. I need to get off the steroid because I have been on it to long. So I'm looking for a next treatment to try and feel I need to narrow my diagnosis down. Part of my IC diagnosis is because I have a fistula which are associated with having CD. My issue/thought is this which is a long story short. Years ago before my IC diagnosis I started having rectal bleeding. My first GI Doctor said it was because of hemorrhoids and he removed a couple by banding. Then he admitted something else was going on. Started a Asacol treatment which didn’t work. Not long after that I had my first bad flair up. A different Dr. but from the same office performed a colonoscopy. I didn’t want it because I was so inflamed but they said it was a emergency and they needed to see what was going on so I consented to it. When I got home I realized there was a different pain and determined that the Dr. had torn my rectum (fissure) during the colonoscopy. The fissure kind of healed but would split back open during subsequent flair ups. Fast forward in time some and perianal fistulas developed in the same area the fissure was. I feel the fissure got infected at some point and with a weak rectum wall the fistulas developed.

With that said, my question is this. If a person has UC could the fissure and or banded hemorrhoids have caused weak spots in my rectum resulting in the fistulas or would CD still need to be present? And yes I left that Doctors office. Subsequent Docs won’t go there when I ask this question thinking I’m looking for someone to blame. I’m just trying to figure it out to move forward on which treatment option to try next. I hope this makes sense as my cognitive functions are off from my long term health issues. Thanks.