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Fistula, Does anything Help Besides Antibiotics?

my name is Chris and I have but check fistula and abscess I've had this for over 15 years there is no surgery that will fix this I sat on the toilet last night and it popped and now I have blood instead of just the collection of vile can anyone tell me what kind of medicine I can take besides antibiotics to clear this up now that is popped signed scared to death it's not cancer so far I have one drain in my hip and one in by my sphincter muscle and it dreams plus I have hemorrhoids can anyone help me mothercromwell@gmail.com
I am 67 year's old,Boy what a pain in the butt cheek .
If anyone views this please get in touch with me ASAP I don't want to die from this or lose my Lim but I've been under 17 surgeries so far for drainage and the try and get this Fishel and now they're all up and down my leg


Staff member
Hi Chris,

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I had similar issues a while back, it's no fun at all. :(

You will get better, it just doesn't seem like it right now. You have to go to the doctor, maybe a new surgeon consult would help. I know it isn't what you wanted to do, but only the doctors can really fix it, (most of these things can be fixed). Please keep in touch. I am also unfortunately, quite experienced with abscess drainage, wound care, fistulas, etc.

Finest regards,