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Fistula fart? Haha

Okay so this is gross but pretty funny, does anyone here have a fistula? - course there is... God fistula farts can be hilarious. I had one the other day that sounded like a motorbike starting up... My boyfriend was like what the hell was that!? It lasted like 20 seconds too lmao. Do you guys have control over your fistula farts or do they just pop out say when your holding off a normal fart? :p:rof:
LOL lotte...I have had that motorbike fart many times! I always find them funny too. Sometimes it even FEELS like a motorbike! As for your question, I never could control them really. Like you said, they just come out when you're trying to hold it in!
Ha ha! Sounding very familiar to me too. I've not been diagnosed with a fistula but think I might have one, either to my bladder or vagina. sometimes when the motorbike let's rip, I'm not sure exactly where it's coming from.
Can I be nosey and ask where yours are?
Been there, done that, but don't have the tee shirt!

The fistula has a mind of it's own, so just have to pass it off with a polite, "pardon me".
Mines at the base of my vagina but I have had them all around there. God it would be weird farting out your urinary tract! Ouch
Ive had them too, espec anything on the butt, the fistula's seem to connect to our intestines kinda, so gas or air can easily pass out of them, and you cant control it or stop it, like you can with a normal'fart' . sorry for the blunt terms.
But they are common in crohn's fistula cases. Gas can pass thru them as well as feces too. it totally sucks , feels weird to passs gas thru something that is not your anus etc.
lol oh dear. Did you tell your bf what it was?

I think air comes through mine like 50% of the time. More so if my stricture is playing up. Apparently when my stricture is more closed, the pressure builds up and forces it out of the fistula. Had it for 10 years now so used to it.

I can control them by keeping my legs tightly closed or by sitting down till it's 'safe' to get up. There's no way I can keep it in while walking though. Or if I'm sitting and then suddenly laugh out loud.. oh my word.
I had repeated UTIs when this, my first flare, started up. Antibiotics have cleared it up according to recent urine tests, but I still get the urgency and frequency. And the Pred has dealt with most of my abdominal and pelvic pain. But I do sometimes - sorry for this - experience what I can only describe as fanny (UK) farts!!
OMG, only here can you have this kind of conversation - lol. I have my first appointment with a gastro consultant next week so will mention it to him. Wonder how this will go down:
'Well, sometimes when I fart, it's from my vagina and it goes putt putt putt like a motorbike.'
Lol grumbletum. That's what I've had for the past 10 years. Completely forgotten about it before I went into an appointment to see my GI with the guy I'm seeing and I've not told him about it!! Lol talk about embarrassing when my GI how it was doing and if anything was coming through it and if it smelt really badly?!?. Luckily my GI kept calling my vagina my 'front passage' so it wasn't so humiliating. Goodness knows what the guy I'm seeing thought he was going on about. Hopefully it just went right over his head. Needless to say, he didn't come in with me for the next appointment haha :/
Perianal fistula, FTW!

Nah, not really, lol. I'm just back from having a seton placed, well changed, got one in 6 weeks ago and regarding the feeling . . . . . . . . it's different, to say the least. haha, kinda feels like I'm farting underwater. :/
Misty eyed - yeah my boyfriend knows, he knows every annoying thing about me lol.
Just wondering, do either of you guys with fistulas by/in vagina, get really sore irritated vagina skin? It's so lame ! Do either of u get pain during sex also ?
I get these, and I have a seton in. My fistula is really raw, because I'm on imuran, and it's impeding my healing, so when I fistula fart, it stings.
sounds like a case of abscess makes the fart go honda, hehe

it is a strange feeling at first feeling air pass through them though
lotte26 I have painful sex but don't know if i have a fistuala...never was told i did. I do have very large, long farts though. I can hold them for a bit though...so I think they are coming from the right place. Just a LOT of gas. I do have a stricture. Never put the two together though. Still trying to figure that out...


That's kind of funny....prior to having my stoma, I used to have fistulas in my labia (I still have them but they're not really active right now). I used to get farts out of my girlie bits...lol I didn't realize what it was till I was in the bath and saw the bubbles coming from my labia! It was amusing! It never hurt, but it really looks horrible....

Sorry guys for the TMI...but that's what you get on this site....lol
Well, what I was hoping was just air releasing from my drained abscess, is actually from a fistula. So now the Gastro team are planning to start me on Infliximab soon, which I have been told is worth thousands of dollars, so in a way I'm privileged to receive the treatment.


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New York, USA
Yup...used to have it happen...with no control on when or where.....really embarassing during a meeting I can tell you!

Thankfully mine closed up with Remicade - oh, and YES - intercourse was sometimes difficult and I do still get sore more easily - probably from scar tissue.
It really does! my eyes got really big because at first I did not recognize what was going on, then I did and I laughed my head off. Now I want it to happen again because it was just so funny!
I have them just outside my vagina. I don't know why this never occurred to me. When I was having a lot of drainage it started eating away my flesh! Now that hurt! I had to clean it once or twice a day and apply antibiotic ointment to keep the drainage off my skin. Sex was nonexistent at that time! Thankfully I don't have too much drainage anymore and don't have to worry about that.

It's so nice to hear from other people with crohn's! I don't know anyone that has it. My husband and I have so much potty humor because of this I don't think most people would understand.
Hi new here.

Mine only acts up when I'm sick. But my RV fistula farts - I pass it off as stomach grumbles. Then exit stage left because my fistula farts smell BAD sometimes!
mine's in my labia right next to my vagina. most of my farts go thru there first, sadly. like someone said above, feels like i'm farting underwater. mine don't smell, but man, that's some awful sound.
Fistula Farts

Ha! I have seven enterocutaneous fistulas. Yup seven! Most of the time I hide my condition but my daughters aren't dumb. I'll be driving with them and the car windows go down.
Ever since my abscess "closed" and I had the placement of a seton, I haven't had any flatulence coming from the fistula, but now all of a sudden it's returned! Last week I had a bit of irritation (bit of bleeding and pain) with the seton and I saw a surgeon who basically rotated it so that the knots are exposed, which will hopefully help with the irritation.

I am wondering why the flatulence has returned, and whether it has something to do with the rotating of the seton? Are there any strategies I can use to prevent this flatulence. What do you do?
I think when they rotate it that it opens it up a bit more - so perhaps it is easier for the gas to get out. I have not found anyway to stop it from happening. Sorry...
LOL fistula and fissures are such a bother, and lol I am getting ready to finally have the courage to have mine taken care of with surgery. I have lived with them for ten years they are just a part of this stupid illness. But how nice it would be to not have the bother:) and my bf is so understanding that he tries to look and see if they are okay...
Can I just say THANKS!! you all have cheered me up so much...

I've just come out of hospital after having my abcesses drained (long story) and i woke up yesterday morning (on a ward full of the older generation) and had to fart... lo and behold it came out of my lady parts.. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry, the old woman in the bed opposite gave me a sly wink and let rip herself....

Just goes to show, laughter is the best medicine as i'm in no pain whatsoever (at the moment)

Thanks you guys!!

Sam :) x
Hi Folks
I know its an old post but I just have me Fistula (right above the crack) a few weeks now, and I was having my suspisions so I Googled,,the thought was a bit off putting at first but I read this post and I broke up, It confirmed my suspicions but gave me a good giggle also:)

Thanks to Lotte26 for bringing this up and having a great sense of humour about it,

Also Gmm great puns lad top notch stuff had me on me back Top PUNditry :)

And to I am the Walrus, cheers for the link,I am on Infliximab 3rd Infusion on Monday, and have been off work with time on my hands (and have been mulling over possible side effects )and it was good to see the actual figures involved and was comforting so fair balls on that one,There is a risk with Remicade but I will take those odds over the flare-up from hell that I have just been through

All the best
I remember having those perianal fistula farts - they hurt a LOT for me, because the gas would actually get under my skin and balloon out a bit. I'd often had to squeeze the gas out afterward, which created more pain. Fortunately, without a bum to fart from now, I won't have to worry about that ever again!
Mine sting mostly and only happen when I try and release my fart. Also have constant pus like fluid passing through it daily. As of late I’ve also been seeing some small dark specks showing up. I only know this due to the fact that I continuously keep a napkin down to collect the pus. Otherwise I get a diaper rash if left unattended for to long. Does anybody else have anal leakage along with pus? Also has anybody ever had pus build up inside the body and cause internal pus pockets that effect the nerves around the area of discharge?