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Fistula healing question

fistula healing question

so, i have a fistula. i was just diagnosed and should be getting on remicade in the next week or so.
i understand that it's not a guarantee to close up the fistula, however, if it does, will the actual hole close up by itself?

mine's in a weird place. it's actually in my labia. not my vagina proper, as nothing is coming out of the actual vagina. but i have a hole in the labia next to it. once it starts healing will it close up on its own, or will i have to get stitches to close it?
I am not familiar with fistulas near/around/in vaginas. I have two fistulas in my bumbum. It is true, there is no guarantee that the fistula may close up. There is a good possibility thanks to Remicade. It may close up spontaneously with Remicade, but only time will tell. I have 2 fistulas that are still open with setons in place. I have taken my 0 week and 2 week infusions and have noticed much less drainage and the holes becomes smaller. The Remicade trial showed that 2/3 patients who took Remicade closed up their fistulas. However, that rate was more so for patients with rectal fistulas. Vaginal fistulas are a bit harder, but they still have a good change to close up. Good luck!
thanks for the info. i'm hoping for good results. it isn't technically a "vaginal" fistula per se, it's just tunneling right next to it, so hopefully that will increase my chances. i don't appear to have it severe crohn's, so maybe that will work in my favor.
I had both perianal and rectovaginal fistulas - and the remicade closed up both...pretty quickly too!.....
Was curious of what time frame you had closure? I just finished my loading doses and I am kind of bummed since I have seen a reduction of drainage but I wouldn't call it closed. Thanks.
Hi flowergirl. I don't think they'd do stitches. If the remicade works, it'll close right up on it's own, and you'll have a nice little scar to show to your "special" friends... hehe...

If it doesn't close, then they prolly wouldn't do stiches anyways. There are quite a few procedures out there for closing fistulae, and it's generally regarded as an idiotic thing to close an outer hole without the fistula healing. If they stitched it, it could abscess again, right? Sometimes, they'll close the hole on the inside of your rectum/bowels, and then it'll heal from there outwards, preventing an abscess. Other times, they'll put a pig bladder plug in it, which pretty much works as a skin replacement until the skin heals over.

Either way, you're starting remicade, so stay optimistic. If it starts to heal, you'll know. But also, be patient. These things take time in us crohnies.

Good luck :)
ok. interesting. thanks everyone. i just didn't know because of the weird place mine was. i'm hoping everything will heal and close up on its own. that's the hope!! :dance: