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Fistula - my vaaft experience

Hey all,
I wanted to post this as I have gone through a fistula procedure called Vaaft and have had success with it.
I'm not sure of it is being done in the USA yet - it wasn't when I had my procedure done but my doctor was trying to get three locations in the USA started.
I had a simple posterior fistula for a little over a year that would not close.
I was considering a couple different fixes but the weeks of pain after the procedures, the chances of incontinence, and the success rates all had me super stressed.
So I did tons of research on different procedures and found two that seemed way better - but they were not done in the USA. One was a laser based procedure being done in India and the other was the Vaaft procedure - done in a few places around the world, but the doctor who created the procedure was based in Italy.
His name is Dr. Piercarlo Meinero.
The procedure was supposed to be quick, relatively painless, no chance of incontinence, and came with a high success rate.
I had work in London in last November, so I extended my trip, sent payment to the institute a couple weeks before going, and then had the procedure done in Italy.
It was done in mid-morning with general anesthetic. It took under an hour - Dr. Meinero and his staff were also great.
I awoke with very little (almost zero) discomfort.
I was able to take a taxi back to my hotel later that same day and easily slept through the night.
I had a check-up with the doctor the following day - I was able to walk to the clinic with still very little pain (used mainly ibuprofen to help). All was looking good.
I was able to fly back to USA the day after that - again, a little discomfort but almost zero pain.
Once back I had a couple requirements - no heavy lifting/exertion, and I had to do daily maintenance on the area - flushing the fistula/area with saline in a syringe (no needle, just the plastic tip) to keep it clean and to keep the exterior opening open (this wasn't easy or super fun, but a small price to pay), saline baths, and changing the dressing regularly.
I was able to go back to work a couple days later.
I never had any real pain.
The healing excretions stopped after about a month.
The inner fistula area finished closing about a month after that.
It is now almost a year later and have had no issues and am glad I went the Vaaft route.
Again, not sure if it has come to the USA yet, but I would highly suggest this route if at all possible.
Hope this helps.
Hi VAAFT, what kind of healing excretions did you get (color, consistency)?
How did they progress? How long did you wear a gauze for?
How many days later were you able to play sports sports?
Vaaft, are you wiling to provide the doctors address and how to get in touch? Very interested in the Vaaft and can’t get it in us. What was the cost ?