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Fistula Plug Questions and Update

I've posted before about the trouble I've had with abscesses and fistulas. Constant struggle with setons and drains, and medications not working. Recently had an MRI and colonoscopy because bowel symptoms have been fine but new fistula showed up, and the really good news is my Crohns is in remission. Bad news is that the darn fistulas just won’t close and an old one that closed is now open again. Apparently about 15% with fistualting crohns can get their bowel symptoms under control but the anal area doesn't respond to anything. I met with my doctor and surgeon and they are suggesting the plug since I am in remission and the success rate is higher with remission patients or non-crohns patients.

Anyone have this procedure? What can I expect for recovery? A quick google search scares the crap out of me. Horror story after horror story. I'm hopeful this works, but skeptical at the same time.

Many thanks!