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Fistula seen on MRI, surgeon says likely not...so what is it?


As the title says, MRI shows fistula from small bowel to sigmoid colon. I also have a stricture and so had a surgical consultation. Surgeon says in is experience it turns out there is not a fistula, didn't answer why it would show as a fistula on MRI if it is, in fact, not there. He thinks if fistula was there I would have diarrhoea from the contents of small bowel leaking through this fistula straight to sigmoid colon. Makes sense but still no answer as to why it is seen on MRI.

Has anyone else ever been told there is a fistula on MRI that turned out not to be?

I'm newly diagnosed and finding that so far none of my questions receive straight answers from my team.

Thank you
If you want my honest answer.

I think many doctors are simply incompetent and they don't want to admit that their findings are based on subjective interpretations as well.

Especially when it comes to stuff like this. One doctor said I suffered sinus pinodalis and the other said it was perianal abscess.

If they see the fistula on MRI, then how can they decide to deny it's existence? Maybe it's asymptomic or only latently active, who knows?

I would not take risks with those things but doctors would.

Sorry if this sounds negative but I truly became distrustful of doctors.