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Fistula with seton drain - is this normal??

Hi, looking for some advice.

TMI warning... My story started in Aug where I was dianogsed with an intersphinter abscess after noticing pus leaking from my back passage along with pain of course.. I had emergency surgery but it returned 2 weeks later. More emergency surgery only for it to return roughly two weeks later again. At this point I was diagnosed with a fistula and had a seton drain fitted.

That was almost 10 weeks ago and I’m just waiting on my appointment for a fistulotomy to hopefully put this nightmare to rest once and for all but for the past two weeks I’ve been experiencing pain in a different location down there. Nothing as severe as the abscesses but painful none the less, it’s like a deep knawing pain with the occasion stabbing pain.

Today, I was pretty sore so decided to have a look and for the first time since before having the seton placed, I noticed pus leaking from the back passage again. The seton does go through the back passage and through an incision in the perianal area. I have had leakage from the perianal area since it was fitted but not from the back until today.

Is this something I should be worried about or does it sound normal?

I hope I’ve made sense and sorry again for tmi!!

Thanks for reading


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If you have additional pain and pus, it is an indication of infection continuing/returning.

I would give the doctors office a call and let them know what is going on.
I agree with Lisa. Having a fistula (no seton placement, but had surgery), it sounds like infection has retuned. Call your dr. and see what he/she wants to do next. Are you taking antibiotics for this as well?
Thank you both for getting back to me.

I will give my dr a call today and see what they want me to do.

No I was never given any antibiotics 😬

The long-wearing seton could be causing a fissure in your rectum. The pain sounds about right. Same response in the end though: see your surgeon ASAP.