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Fistula :/?

helloo well basically, i will be going on humira very soon.. so i should check this out with you guys.. i was wondering what other people think of this and whether it is a fistula or not..

took me a while to decide whether to post or not lol but i guess you guys can help..

well basically every now and then i get.. like a sharp pain in my bum, and its kind of getting worse. Also, when i go to the toilet theres blood almost every other day now, as well as when i do go to the toilet, (this bit might sound weird..) ,, once i've been, it feels like .. like.. something goes back in lol like somethings in the way, and it goes back to where it was once i've been to the toilet.. :/:/:/


ive had enough of doctors recently so i hope its just random pain that you get sometimes..

mann that was hard to describe lol
In the weeks before I got my first abscess I would get very twingy sharp pain in my rectum. It was very quick never more than a few seconds. Sometime I would have a bunch of "jabs" in a row others just one and then all seemed fine. For me, in my opinion, it was somehow related to the fistula. I actually think it was the fistula opening in the rectum causing the pain, but I don't know. I still get the pain on occasion but it can be months between.

I have not experienced the rest of what you mentioned. Good luck, I hope you figure this out.

I used to feel something like that when My disease was really bad and made my hemorrhoids get worse. So glad I never have to poop again ;) I think the "something going back in" sensation was that.
mehh i guess i will.. the main thing i was worried about was whether it could be an infection or something, cos thatd be bad when i go on humira and i have no immune system..
Yea that's why you should probably tell him ;) Don't be shy. I hope it's nothing too serious.

Dealing with Fistulas and abscesses myself where my rectum used to be. Another hole showed up last night so I think there is another one :( Feels like a sharp burn if that makes sense. Like some just lit up a hot poker and burned me kinda. Also stings when I try to clean it.