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I've had two fistula encounters. It's basically an abscess and is really painful when infected. A hemorrhoid from hell. I had an infected one back in 2015. I could barely move and only lay in certain positions comfortably. Bowel movements were painful. It eventually broke open and leaked pus until I had the surgery to fix it. Basically just felt like there was a stinging sensation while I was dealing with the leakage, but I was able to function. Sitting for long periods of time was tough.

The other encounter was last year when the same fistula broke back open and began leaking pus again. Fortunately, my doctor hit me with a heavy dose of antibiotics and it sealed back up. I have not had problems since.
Glad to hear it. Itching is how it started for me both times, but unfortunately didn't stay in that phase. In general, I've stopped wiping with toilet paper as much, so as not to re-aggravate the area. Instead, I do more of a bidet style rinse off in the shower following bowel movements. I noticed that I was more prone to irritation using toilet paper. My fistula only came back after I fell out of the habit of doing this and hasn't shown any irritation or signs of returning since I shifted back to this routine.


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A fistula is an abnormal tract in the body - basically an opening from one part to another. They can be from inside the body to the outside, or inside to inside such as a fistula between sections of bowel.