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Fistula's and colectomies...

fistula's and colectomies...

Does anybody have any experience with fistula's that weren't a direct result of crohn's...can a person have a fistula from IBS, or even colitis?? Also, if a person did have a perianal fistula that didn't want to heal, can a person still get a j-pouch after a colectomy??

One of the guys I work with ended-up with a fistula as a consequence of a perianal abscess. No IBD and low down on the sphincter muscle, so they just layed it open and let it heal. He's been fine ever since.

Hi B-rad. Sorry for bringing this thread back.

I didn't notice it until today :S Fistulas can happen to anyone at all. They're just more common in non-IBD patients. I'm not sure about the J-pouch. I'd think that they would want to leave it as a stoma until the fistula was dealt with. I'm not sure. It'd be something you'd have to ask your doc.