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Fistulas and infection (MRSA)

Hi everyone. I'm new here, and before introducing myself, I have a burning question I wanted to get opinions on (I'll also be asking my doctor at my next visit of course)...I have a perianal fistula and abscess and am going to get a seton placed next week. This is my first time experiencing this.

I live away from my family, and visit them a couple times a year. In the last few years my dad got MRSA after a surgery. It took a long time and lots of treatments (very long story) but he seems to have gotten through it. I would assume though that he's a carrier of it.

I haven't visited him since getting this fistula, and am overdue for a visit. Am I at risk of catching the MRSA from being at his house, or being around him, since this is an open wound? Would you be afraid to visit in this situation? I don't want to be paranoid, but I don't want to be stupid either. My husband thinks I shouldn't visit him, but we miss each other, and I feel bad not visiting him! His health (for other reasons) prevents him from traveling to see me.

I'm supposed to go on Humira or Remicade once the abscess/fistula is better, and now I'm reading that also puts you at risk of MRSA. Since he doesn't have an active infection, do you think I'll be okay?

Also, do you worry about traveling on planes with a fistula or while on Humira? Planes are such germ-traps, I worry about that even in times of good health.

Thanks for any and all of your thoughts!
I am a little bit freaked out by infection. If he is a carrier I would stay home. You can also call the CDC they are pretty helpful.

If you were to "catch" it your dad would feel horrible. And you would be at risk. It's a very hard thing to balance.

Good luck, I hope you get the answers you need,

Thank you Lauren. You're probably right. It's hard to grasp, because I'll probably have to be on these meds for the rest of my life, and he will probably always be a carrier of MRSA. I hope I can still see him someday. : (
I appreciate your thoughts though...it makes me feel a little less guilty about it if I'm not being overly paranoid.
Can you meet him in another place not his home and see him?

I am sure the CDC can help. When I was pregnant with my
third. My second for ecoli (from apple cider) they answered
all My questions.

I've had similar worries about visiting my nephew, who is only a baby and who has had to stay in hospital several times for surgeries. I was going to appointments at different hospitals whilst he was undergoing his operations, so I had to think about the possiblity of spreading infection. Hospitals are even worse than airplanes for germs.

We asked my nephew's surgeon, who suggested I not see him in the hospital, but said that by the time he was recovered enough to go home it would be ok to visit. I also didn't see his parents during the time he was in hosptial, so I wouldn't be transfering infection to him via them as they were with him in the hospital every day.

This was a different situation to yours as it is only short periods of time, while he's recovering, that he's susceptible to anything I may have picked up at my hospital appointments. The best thing is to get advice from someone who understands the particular risks you're facing. Whoever prescribes you Humira should know enough about it to explain its risks to you - and maybe you can track down someone in the hospital who specialises in MRSA or in infection control? If you explain your circumstances to an expert then hopefully you'll get advice that addresses the particular conditions you're having to deal with. I'm sure it will be ok for you to visit sometimes whilst still minimising any risks.
Honestly, I am sure you will be able to visit with your dad. I mean I would wait until his MRSA infection is gone. I know you say he is carrier, but if he washes his hands and is clean and you do the same, you should be ok. I mean unfortunately when taking any of the drugs like Humira which supresses the immune system, you will be at risk No matter where to go as there are germs all over. My friend works with a co-worker who has crohns, and she is a teacher, one of the worst possible careers when having a disease like crohns. I mean she is around sick kids all day everyday. I mean I know she is super anal about using tons of hand sanitizer and washes her hands all the time too. In her situation though she has no choice, I mean it is her job.

Like Unxmas said, hospitals are the worst when it comes to being germ infested. That is true. I hate going to hospitals, I mean I literally do not even want to sit in any chairs there.(I am somewhat of a germaphobe as it is though). But yeah, when taking a med like Humira or prednisone, it does raise the risk for you picking up illness, not just MRSA either, just about anything. Actually I think you would be at more risk of picking up air borne illnesses.
Thank you UnXmas and ihurt...what both of you said makes a lot of sense, and you're probably right. I'm going to check with my doctor. I've been a little afraid to ask, because the answer might be hard to accept, but I'm going to ask by email so she has time to think about it before our next appointment. I will also look into checking with the CDC. Thank you again!