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Fistulas and Leaky Gut

My son was recently hospitalized to drain an abcess. The abcess had an incomplete fistula - that is, there was a tunnel but the other end didn't reach all the way anywhere else.

My question is - is the presence of an abcess and / or a fistula have any correlation to leaky gut?
I don't have too much experience with leaky gut to let you know much more. But I read some of the symptoms and abscesses didn't come up. There were things about irritation in the anus and hemmeroids though which irritation and hemmeriods could lead to an abscess if things aren't well cleaned in the area. A fistula can form from an abscess so those are related things but I didn't see much about it in the symptoms. I just read one website though so I could be wrong. I just wanted to respond and see if I could help a bit. I hope someone comes around here with the correct information.


Hi, not sure what you mean by the term "leaky gut" but I certainly know what fistulas are. I had several anal fistulas operated on over 2 years ago as antibiotics weren't working. My first couple of procedures involved fitting setons, this is where they lay the fistula track open in the hope that it will heal. I had a couple of these same procedures and none of them worked. The only thing that totally healed the fistulas for me was to have a stoma fitted so I could rest my rectum. After 11 months they were totally healed but I didn't have the stoma removed until 13 months after that. I didn't expect to feel so well after the surgery had settled so I was in no rush to reverse. Hope this helps a little. Hopefully your son can find the best procedure for him and they will heal totally.