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Fistulas and pregnancy

OK...I'm asking all of you this, because I don't know where else to turn. Both my GI and my OBGYN say that I don't have a fistula...simply because they can't SEE it. However, I know differently. ALL of the symptoms are there for a fistula, I truly believe I have one, and they both won't entertain my thoughts on the matter.

I am worried because my OBGYN seems to think that I can give birth vaginally...while I've heard from multiple sources while researching this (including you guys) that probably isn't the best route, and C-Section would be a better option.

Now...how in God's name do I convince these doctors that I'm NOT crazy, that I HAVE all the symptoms, and that I want to be considered for a c-section.

Secondly...if they deny me the c-section again...what can happen if giving birth with a fistula?? In my case a recto-vaginal fistula.

I guess I'm just stressed about this...I'm not due for another 5 months, but it is constantly on my mind. Any ideas?

My Butt Hurts

Hey Daisy - I hope you are feeling well in your pregnancy!
My recto-vag hasn't been officially diagnosed (no one has seen it, but obviously if you feel a fart, then it escapes up front - it's a recto-vag.)
My ob/gyn said to check with my colorectal surgeon, and he said it was no problem to give birth vaginally. I too thought I would have to have a c-section for fear that the small hole would just rip into a huge one. I had no problems with it at all, just pushed blood out my butt - which the ob seemed impressed by (for lack of a better word.)
Don't take my word for it though - it might depend on where exactly yours is located. Also - this was my second baby so I don't know if that area had a little more 'give' than yours does right now. Oh god - I can't believe I just had to write that.
HAHA!! Thanks for the total honestly, MBH!! It gives me hope I won't have a 2nd vagina. I can't believe I had to write THAT. Sorry to those of you for whom this may be too crude. :) Let's just hope I have some 'give' ;)

I've actually been doing really well other than the fistula...I can eat whatever I want...no D, like, at all...and D used to be the norm for me on an every day basis...so things are looking up! Although I am preparing for a full blown flare afterwards...did you flare after you had either of your kids, MBH? Just kind of a scary thought I guess...flaring with a newborn...yikes!

My Butt Hurts

daisy_dueller said:
..did you flare after you had either of your kids, MBH?
My first symptoms that caused me to go the the doctor was about 18 months after giving birth to baby #1, and I flared 18 months after baby #2. They say it too far out to be related to pregnancy.
My Butt Hurts said:
(no one has seen it, but obviously if you feel a fart, then it escapes up front - it's a recto-vag.)
have you told them specifically the symptoms, dais? i dont get how they can call you a liar if you tell them that farts come out the wrong side. thats not something you imagine.
also a kay indicator for me was when i wore a tampon, there would always be a spot of either poo or drainage-y color (NOT natural to the lady part environment) on the tampon and always in the exact same spot.
maybe try this and see if you can get proof on there, save it, and whip it out next time they call you a liar.

edit 2- LOL i just saw that i wrote "kay indicator" i meant "key"
hahah people are probably like wtf is a kay....
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ladies i would imagine there would be plenty of give!!!!!!!!!!only thing known to man that will stretch a mile without tearing an inch!
Kel...I did tell her that the gas was coming out the wrong way, and when I have D, it sometimes comes out the wrong place...she said that she didn't see anything in there, so I must be wrong...then I reminded her that these things can be the size of a pin head...so you won't necessarily see them...also, some days are better than others in that department...
she did say if I had any weird discharge to come in and see her...the thing is...you can't just walk in to her office...so I have to make an appt...I am NOT forgetting personal hygiene for 2 days because I can't get in there to see her. Maybe I should just keep the TP as proof. haha. See how she likes that. Or swab it with a q-tip?? haha.
A quote from my doctor...

"Your tissue is very swollen, so I really don't see the fistula, but when a woman tells me that she is passing gas and stool through her vagina, I tend to believe her."

Anyway, it made me laugh and it's further proof that just because your doc can't see it, doesn't meen it isn't there. And just for the record, she was able to see it on my next visit...
Yes... second opinion would be my first thought if your docs wont really listen.
I had a perianal fistula when I had a baby (had a csection 12/18/08).
Mine had been there for years and was well known so there was no question I couldnt give birth naturally. All I can suggest is that you KEEP insisting that something is there and MAKE them take another look and another and another untill you get an answer. You dont wanna let them ignore your intuition and end up with a bigger problem after a vaginal delivery and spend god knows how long trying to recover from it just because your OB wouldnt take another look.
Good luck I hope you find a solution... and congrats on the baby! =)