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Fistulas Support Group

I was successfully treated with proton therapy for prostate cancer. Unfortunately six months afterwards I developed and inflamed colon with an ulcer too. The consultant I saw did nothing except send me for a colonoscopy first then after 3 months a sigmoidoscopy I had another 2 sigmoidoscopies. After one year I had severe abdo pain and collapsed. It turned out I had two abscesses, probably caused by a fistula as a result of one ot the sigmoidoscopy being poorly done. I had major surgery to remove the abscesses and a reversible colostomy to help heal the rectal ulcer. Four months on I’m improving but I wonder if anyone has had the same xperience with hospital caused fistula.
Also, will a healed fistula leave sufficient scarring to show up on a MRI scan?
I would appreciate any info on this topic,
I have a history of fistulas but I am not sure of the answer to your question. I am sure someone will be along who csn answer your question.


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On one of my MRI's, I could see a lot of 3D detail of damaged areas. I could really see my fistula tracts, I'm pretty sure it would be possible to see any significant abnormality such as significant scar tissue growth. From what I remember it was very highly detailed imaging. I hope that is of some use to you.

Lynda Lynda

I didn't know this. Interesting. So ANY surgerical scars could be seen on an MRI ? I haven't had an MRI of my abdomen before, as far as I can remember. Just CT Scans.

The doctor who performed my anal fistulectomy in 1992 .....I cannot explain how horrified I was when I looked at that area of my body in a hand mirror right after I got home. He cut it open and sewed it back up ? Now if I am in the hospital for a rectal abscess the doctors always say there is a lot of scarring down there.