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I am feeling so down and confused by my latest colonoscopy results! They have said....my Crohn's is no longer just in my terminal ileum, it has now spread to my colon. Is this common? They have said my treatment (humira) is not working so they are going to look into what I can try next. They have also said I probably have a fistula, but I need an MRI scan to confirm...I have had no symptoms of a fistula, and I have no knowledge about fistulas or if I should be worried about having one? Has anybody experienced any of this, and if so, have you got any knowledge you could pass on to me? I am worrying 😥
Hi, Ive just read your thread and wondered how you are? I’m just having investigations for fistulas and waiting results. I’m trying to find out more about fistulas. Ive had Crohns for 16 years and I’ve had a permanent ileostomy for 6 years. last few years i have been suffering with abscesses in pelvis and now it looks like i have 2 fistulas.