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Five months post colectomy

I am now five months post total colectomy with ileostomy. In the past week, my digestion has slowed down BIG TIME and I have gained 3 pounds in five days.

This is normal, correct????
I dont know about the weight gain but whoop whoop for 5 months anniversary!
The weight gain is freaking me out. I was averaging a pound a month until just recently. I feel fine, but everything is moving way, way slow all of a sudden.
Are you eating anything different? Did this start after any new meds or something like that?
It might be that its taken your body all this time to settle after the surgery.
No new food and no new meds.

I think you are right. It just took this long to settle in to the new construction.

I guess its so long to the days of pigging out. Now I'll have to exercise, huh? UGH!!

I've still got my fingers crossed for you, Shazz!


Oh Karen, I think you will find that it's somewhat normal to start gaining at this point. But, if your digestion has slowed down that much, well I'd be worried a bit. Keep a food diary for awhile maybe, and weigh yourself daily. Try some fruit juices, or a bit of fiber maybe? ( a BIT of fiber, not enough to cause an issue)
As much as I hate it, the doc already has me weighing every day. I was contemplating the fruit juice too... hmm..

Thanks mates!
Aw I think you can still have days of pigging out. Just not one after the other!
I know how you feel about exercise, you don't need to go mad though.

I was going to suggest a food diary as well as a symptoms one. Great minds Misty!

Appreciate the crossed fingers hun. I ate an apple today!! :dance: