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Flare after 8 Treatments

Hi All

Haven't been around for a while because I have doing so great and was back to normal, working etc. but have started to flare after 8 treatments, quite out of the blue. I am worried now that remicade has lost its effect :(

I had out of date predsol enemas in the press, I tried this as I am having a lot of bleeding, either from rectum or sigmoid colon. Am not sure. The predsol hasn't worked after 5 nights. Is there any point continuing? I used the out of date ones while waiting for pharmacist to order, but now I'm wondering will I keep my 140 euro in my pocket, or was it because my enemas were out of date that they didn't work? Have to wait until new year for tests that my consultant ordered :(. He is talking about the possibility of changing to humira.
Any ideas?
Hey there! i'm sorry this has happened, I have recently also changed from the Remicade to Humira. Personally I like it so much better. You do the injection(s) on your own time, and there is no waiting around for hours while you wait for the IV drip to finish. Also I like it because I can travel, or study abroad for long periods of time without having to comehome every 6 weeks! What my doctors told me is that certain treatments simply aren't effective on everyone. They have seen a lot of good things with Humira so I am trying to see the positive side, and maybe you should look into switching!. I know it can really get you down when this stuff happens, I feel your pain in that way. I hope things can work out for you!