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Flare...or not to flare!

flare...or not to flare!


the last few days i had been feeling a lot better than normal, and on one particular day I ate loads of food!! (rare for me!) (inc. blackberries + fresh cream).

The next day when i woke up, my stomach seemed very sensitive, even the vibrations from walking hurt it. because of this I did not eat (am on NG tube feed at night - so don't worry about that bit!). and very loud grumbles!

the next day (friday) it was still hurting and was feeling a bit sick - was up most of the night. (in the loo )

since then, it has been getting gradually easier and less painful. (and i've had a lot of :stinks: !!!

I was wondering - is this what you would call a flare? or just a result of eating too much - or eating something that doesn't agree with my stomach?

Thanks for any replies!


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Naples, Florida
Hi Josh,

We recently discussed what a flare is and by most people's definition, what you experienced probably was not. It was more your digestive system saying, "OH HELL NAW" in it's own language :) A lot of people have problems with dairy and many also have problems with fresh fruits. So you gave your gut a one two punch. You may want to look into starting a food diary.

Nice photography BTW :)
thanks for the reply - thought so! just a bit confused about everything atm!

i just really fancied the blackberries at the time!
we are keeping a food diary - not much in it for the last three days! (except nutrini feed!! haha)

and thanks :)
Hey Josh. Sorry you've been going through this for a week. I know it's not fun. I try my best to not eat things that trigger the disease, but it gets tough because you have moments of weakness where you just want to be able to eat what you want. It's awful how one moment of weakness can turn into weeks of pain and sickness. Glad you are feeling better than before. I can relate.