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My gi nurse said if I have blood during a bm then I'm flaring is this true? I just stepped down a pill on entocort to taking 2 a day instead of 3. The entocort has all but healed my backside up but since I stepped down I've had blood after bm's. I also asked her if I should step back up to 3 pills a day and she said no to give it a few days to see of ot goes away. I just don't wanna flare up again


Yes, this is true, unless you have another obvious cause for the bleeding such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Your doctor will be able to check for other causes of bleeding if needed. In general, notify your doctor any time bleeding occurs.

I find it odd that the nurse didn't alter your Entocort dosage or refer you to the doctor. A flare is unlikely to just "go away" if you wait it out. If you're uncomfortable with waiting, stress that to the nurse or request to see the doctor. How long have you been seeing the blood?
I thought I have noticed blood in my bm two or three times this week and thought of telling my doctors. It could be hemmrhoids but I haven't had any itching. I hope you feel better.

That's just it I feel fine other than some constipation I ate a lot of pizza 3 days ago and haven't pooped right since? No diarreha just maybe one bm a day were I usually do 2 to 3 good ones a day. I also had some fissures and inflamation on the outside around my rectum but it's all but gone and closed up that's why I'm suprised go see blood? It's just discuriging blood with a bm has been a staple for me nothing new but I got my hopes high this time that maybe it was in remission for real but the TP says different!!