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Flaring after pregnancy

Hello All!
I am 24 weeks along in my pregnancy, doing reasonably well, although the crohns is rumbling in the background. I was wondering, for those of you who flared AFTER delivery, how quickly afterwards did symptoms start? Was it within a week or two, or was it more like 2-3 months?
Congratulations!! May all go smoothly for you.
I have no experience to share with you--just wanted to show you some support.
Congratulations! I hope you have a lovely pregnancy! I was in a very mild stage of Crohn's when I had my first pregnancy. I flared about 2-3 months after the birth, then calmed down again. During my second pregnancy, my crohn's was really calm, then flared terribly at 2 months after the birth. Those hormones!! Best of luck to you.
Thanks Michele!
What meds were you on during each pregnancy, if you don't mind my asking? And what did you do to bring the flare under control? Did you change/increase your medication, and if so, was it a permanent increase or was it just a short term thing?
Thanks so much for getting back to me. :)
Hi Helena, I should preface this with the fact my pregnancies were 35 and 33 years ago! I wasn't on any meds during pregnancies as my symptoms were very mild and I wasn't officially diagnosed (with UC) until after the first birth. After the second birth, when all hell broke loose, we tried a sulfa drug that caused allergic reactions for me, then a steroid enema, which necessitated stopping breast feeding. Then I took prednisone tablets, but my flare was out of control. I was losing weight, losing blood and going to the bathroom too often. My doc put me in the hospital on enteral feeding for 5 weeks and steroids by iv, then 2 weeks to gradually introduce foods. I went home for a few months, but ultimately flared again. I had a total colectomy (removal of large intestine) with an ileostomy when my baby turned 1 year. I enjoyed 14 years of good health with no symptoms. I then began having partial blockages of the small intestine, perhaps 1 every 18 mths to 2 years apart. Sometimes I had to spend time in emergency getting pain meds and IV fluids until the blockage cleared. The last time (Oct) a CT was done, then a scope and the docs decided I have Crohn's. Still a mild case. Tried azathiroprine and 6MP, but have severe reactions to both. Not taking any meds at this time, but have been following the paleo diet for 4 months. My stool is quite normal (for an ileostomate) most of the time, so I think the diet is helping my immune system to stabilize. Sorry for the long scary story. If I were you, I'd take comfort from the knowledge that many times the hormonal changes with pregnancy cause the crohn's to go into remission, so the baby has the best environment possible.


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I flared after my pregnancy, I believe things started to rumble again 2-3 months along. I started remicade in November 2005, when my daughter was about 8 months old. That was mainly due to issues with fistulas.

Just prior to my pregnancy I was in the hospital for a flare, things went well for the pregnancy itself- so much so I didn't even know I was pregnant until a routine visit to my GYM where I found out I was about five months along!

I was on 6no for the first part of my pregnancy with no apparent ill effects to my daughter.