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Fleet Prep

Anyone had 'fleet prep' before, it's different to what i've taken before and it's on the menu for tomo, it seems like a lot less quantity than ususal so just want to check i'm taking it right and please tell me it doesn't taste as bad as the klean prep!!:p


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New York, USA
Is that the 2 small bottles of Fleet Phospho-soda?.....YUK!!!!!.....supposedly ginger flavored? ..... I used to take that and even the mention of it makes me shudder.....

Archie, good luck with it. I cant tolerate it or Klean Prep, I vomit it up. But Picolax I'm fine with-weird isn't it.
Some get on with it some dont.

1st symptoms 1983
Diagnosed 1985
1997 Right Hemicolectomy & Resection
2002 Laperotomy & Resection
2010 Laproscopic Ileocolic Resection
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Been on Azathioprine & Pred
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yup thats it alright, so i'm in for a delightful treat then ha ha, Is it a lot less fluid than the others or have i read the instructions incorrectly??


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New York, USA
You should have to drink additional fluids if I remember correctly - otherwise you won't have enough fluids in you to clean out - shouldn't be just the 2 bottles.....
yes I think i've to drink a load of water which sounds quite nice compared to litres and litres of stuff, yuke there's no easy way for it i'll just hold my nose. Thanks for the advice
hey archie!
the fleet prep isnt as bad as all the others :)
i have such a sensitive stomach to ALL preps out there(i seem to always vomit them up) but thankfully i didnt vomit this one up.

good luck :)
OMG just had the 1st one there are not enough bad words in the dictionary to describe the experience, now the fun begins... i'm only on here for distraction I haven't had any procedures since last year and boy have I forgotton what bad tastes are like!!! (still not as bad as klean prep though!!)