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Flex sig

Hey everyone,

I have a flex sig scheduled for February 15 due to rectal bleeding and left sided abdominal pain. I’ve had two colonoscopies in the past and had been out for both of them, but apparently the flex sig doesn’t require any anesthesia. I’m a bit concerned and anxious now because from my understanding I’ll be awake for the procedure. My main concern is pain and I personally would rather be asleep while they’re checking things out in there.

Anyone have any experience with the flex sig? Was it painful?


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Hello Liana and welcome to the forum.
Some doctors give conscious sedation which I have been given each time .you may be given the same...and it made me unaware of the procedure....plus you waken very quickly.
The less general anesthetic the better since it’s not good for our systems.
You could ask the doctors if they would do this.


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I've had no problem with flex/sig. but don't be afraid to tell the nurse prior to your test that you feel anxious and you'll most likely be offered a mild sedative.Let's know how it goes.

Lady Organic

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depending on where you get your test, it is possible they dont offer sedation for a short colonoscopy. If its in a hospital setting, they should offer it without problem.
My first GI was in a clinic (not in a hospital) an no sedation was offered for the short colonoscopy.he was only doing short scopes, not the long ones, so he was not equipped with intravenous sedatives we get for long scopes. From my experience, about one short scope on two is painless. it lasts about 5 minutes or so. the level of pain for a short scope is much lower than the one with full scope when sedation is not effective, no comparison. My new Gi is in a hospital and I always do the short scopes without sedative and it goes well and fast. its done quite easily dont worry too much:) let us know of your results, wishing you well.